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ProVita International Medical Center Receives Official Inauguration

UAE, 12th October 2011: ProVita International Medical Center in Abu Dhabi has today been officially inaugurated. The facility is the first of its kind in the MENA region to provide long-term care for acute, ventilator dependent patients in a non hospital setting. Chairman of the Board Dr. Helmut M. Schuehsler, who is the Chairman & CEO of ProVita’s initial investor, TVM Capital MENA, thanked the Abu Dhabi Health Authority for its support in launching the groundbreaking facility which has [...]

TVM Capital MENA Closes First Investment with Landmark Health Facility

This news release was taken from an announcement of TVM Capital MENA Limited, the founding investor in the company, when the build out of the facility in Abu Dhabi started in June 2010: TVM Capital MENA has announced the closing of its investment in ProVita, a groundbreaking healthcare offering for the entire MENA region, with its first facility based in Abu Dhabi. ProVita provides long-term care and rehabilitation to patients that require ongoing ventilation support. The deal closure comes [...]