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At ProVita International Medical Center, we’re convinced that sharing expertise and information across medical disciplines is essential in developing a treatment plan that fully addresses a resident’s holistic recovery – not just one aspect of it. Each treatment team is directed by a highly skilled physician and includes experts in areas such as nursing, respiratory, physical, speech, occupational therapies, case management, nutritional services, recreational therapy, and social services . Residents and families are also essential  members of the treatment team. Our facilities are community- based, while our clinical practices follow international  best treatment standards.  Through this  approach we enable residents to receive the quality care they deserve while maintaining their spiritual and cultural principles .

Our facilities take a holistic approach to health care services working as a team to provide exceptional care and rehabilitative services to chronically ill residents .

Our Services
Services Offered at ProVita International Meical Center
  • Long Term Care with customized multidisciplinary treatment plans and 24/7 ICU trained physician adult and pediatric coverage

  • Mechanical Ventilation Management and Weaning Protocols

  • Post Acute Rehabilitation led by Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Consultant
  • Nursing coverage from registered nurses with a minimum of 2 years ICU experience

  • Critical Care & anesthesia, pediatric specialists, internal medicine & GP all with ICU training

  • Respiratory therapy coverage
  • Ambulance coverage
  • 1:1 Nursing ratio for mechanically ventilated and medically complex patients
  • 1:2 Nursing to Patient Ratio for all patients unless mechanically ventilated or medically complex
  • Portable hemodialysis
  • Multidisciplinary Therapy including Respiratory Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy using advanced biomedical technological solutions including i-Gaze technology and customized adaptive therapy equipment
  • Wound Care/VAC Care
  • Clinical Psychology/ Psychiatry Care
  • Special education experts
  • Family involvement
  • Social services and cultural integration
  • Home Healthcare Transition