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Social & Cultural Development

We believe that a person’s emotional well-being and spiritual peace of mind is incredibly important to his or her overall health. Our focus is therefore on improving the quality of life for residents and providing reassurance to families that their loved ones are being taken care of in a place that is a home to them.

Resident Activities 

As well as providing on and off-site activities on an ongoing basis, ProVita provides residents with a calendar of activities to celebrate holidays and special events. We are mindful that our residents come from a range of social, cultural and religious backgrounds and strive to meet the personal needs of every patient and his or her family during holidays and throughout the year .

Family Involvement

Placing the patient at the center of the care program – rather than on the receiving end of treatment – means that we can build a holistic picture of care, surrounding the individual with all of the most important aspects of rehabilitation, nurturing and care. Family is part of this picture, bringing familiarity and love in to the home. Families also receive support so that they can also gain comfort from knowing how their loved one is being cared for.
At our facilities client relations teams and patient advocates are available and accessible to support families through their treatment plans, organize all communication with families for additional support as required.

Recreational Activities

Recreational activities are part of treatment plans including Leisure and Pleasure activities for eligible adult and pediatric residents including visits outside for trips to mosques, shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants, zoos, and internationally to Euro Disney and Umra .

Leisure & Pleasure Activities

We believe that multi-sensory stimulation is an incredibly important part of long-term care and rehabilitative therapy for many residents. For this reason, we place significant emphasis on activities that provide patients with specific sensory experiences. For pediatric residents , we want to enhance their childhood; For adults , we want to promote their dignity and maintain their identity and independence in a place they feel at home and comfortable .